Workers' Compensation


Workers’ Compensation insurance can protect you against employee injuries and accidents to cover compensation benefits, loss of income, death benefits, and medical expenses required by local, state, and federal laws.

Our complete workers compensation package for oil and gas companies can even protect you against claims by employees that reject statutory benefits; exempt employees; and claims that fall outside of the general and mandatory requirements of state laws.


General Liability


General liability insurance is designed to protect business owners and operators from a wide variety of liability exposures and what they are legally responsible for. Exposures could include liability arising from accidents resulting from:

  • The insured’s premises
  • Operations products sold by the insured
  • Operations completed by the insured
  • Contractual liability

Business Auto


Insurance from fleet trucks in the field to equipment trucks, transport carriers, tractor trailers and executive company vehicles.  Your corporate business auto insurance coverage is extensive and necessary. Any insurance provider can cover your business auto insurance, but we strongly advise you reexamine your coverage policies and call MODCO today to see if your lack of coverage is exposing you.


Umbrella & Excess Liability


Oil & Gas Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance for oil and gas energy companies can blanket you in the most comprehensive protection just when you need it the most. We can cover you when your contractual liability forces you to pay higher damage claims than your standard protection liability policy will cover.


Professional Liability


MODCO can protect your bottom line against professional negligence, criminal defense costs, breach of contract oversights, and virtually any type of professional indemnity coverage that your oil and gas company will need in its day to day operations.

Our professional coverage options include coverage for your directors and officers, and protect you against losses incurred by unintentional neglect violations of the Oil Pollution Act, Maritime Employer’s Liability, United States Longshoreman’s & Harbor Works Act and more.


Directors & Officers


It’s simple. When times are tough, oil and gas litigation cases go up. When the personal injury sharks start calling about your corporate liability, you need protection where it counts to cover your directors and officers against allegations and legal action resulting from misuse of company funds, disloyal acts, insider information allegations, breach of duty and general lawsuits.

Combine our professional insurance coverage policy with an umbrella policy, and additional coverage for your directors and officers and you bridge a gap of uncertainty with complete and total protection against individual acts by your officers and board of directors.